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CSU Offers Hillel Conditional Reinstatement; Hillel Demands Apology

by Hillel News |Dec 13, 2002|Comments

The Concordia Student Union offered to reinstate Hillel last night at an emergency meeting, but has refused to unfreeze Hillel's funds unless Hillel signs a document committing not to promote war. Hillel refuses to sign the document stating that it has done nothing wrong.

Concordia Hillel still intends to bring a lawsuit against the CSU. Concordia Hillel will be petitioning the court to annul the CSU resolution banning Hillel from campus and to prevent the CSU from "interfering" in Hillel's activities. In addition, the Hillel is seeking restitution of Hillel's CSU funds as well as punitive damages for the anguish and hurt suffered by Hillel.

Concordia Hillel Co-President Noah Joseph said, "We're suing the CSU because they have acted unfairly and in breach of their own policies all in an effort to shut down the only Jewish group on campus....The Jewish students at Concordia are not taking this lying down. We have received an outpouring of support from the community at large, and we will continue to fight against this one-sided campaign against us."

Members of the CSU previously presented a resolution to the Concordia University Board of Governors asking it to support the ban against Hillel. The Concordia Board of Governors did not have a quorum at the time of the presentation and could not vote on the resolution. Members of the CSU and Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights are also petitioning the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to investigate whether Hillel violated Canada's Foreign Recruitment Act.

Concordia Hillel continues to ask supporters to write letters and call the CSU, the Dean of Students, and the Concordia Rector. Contact information is listed below.

Rector Frederick Lowy, 514-848-4850, Frederick.Lowy@concordia.ca

Dean of Students Dr. Donald L. Boisvert, 514-848-3520, dlb@alcor.concordia.ca

CSU Office, 514-848-7474, Fax: 514-848-7450

CSU President Sabine Fresinger, prez@csu.tao.ca

Please send a copy of all letters to concordiajews@hotmail.com

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