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Hillel at the White House

by Hillel News |Dec 23, 2003|Comments

University of Maryland Hillel a cappella group, Kol Sasson.Hillel helped the White House celebrate Chanukah this year.

Texas Hillel Executive Director Rabbi David Kessel participated in a meeting with the President and 20 national Jewish leaders early in the day. In the evening, the President hosted an event to light the Chanukah menorah featuring a performance by the University of Maryland Hillel a cappella group, Kol Sasson.

"This was a day that I will always remember," said Kessel.

"The President talked a lot about the war on terrorism, the need to perpetuate an agenda of democracy and how America will not back down even though terrorists are trying to create a climate of fear," Kessel told the Associated Press.

Kessel remarked that the former Texas Governor particularly appreciated the rabbi's orange kippa, the color of the University of Texas.

Kol Sasson sang "Maoz Tzur" and "Don't Let the Light Go Out." Their performance was included in a Today show broadcast on NBC and is featured on the White House Web site.

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