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OSU's Meshuga Notes Choir Needs YOUR Vote

by Ellen Schur Brown, Cleveland Jewish News |Mar 10, 2009|Comments

Meshuga Notes sing Safe Auto jingle.

Members of Ohio State University's Jewish acapella choir, the Meshuga Notes, are in the final lap of the most competitive race of their choral careers.

Click on this link to vote for their soulful SafeAuto Insurance jingle between March 20-27.

The all-Jewish choir, including Clevelanders Emily Axel, Jenna Nash and David Frankel, can win a $5,000 advertising contract.

SafeAuto Insurance launched a nationwide competition for a new ad campaign, inviting the public to sing an original jingle.

The Insurance company's PR firm has some interns from NYU who are Jewish.

"They heard about us, so they contacted me (to enter)," says Axel, a Beachwood High School alumna majoring in music education and the director of the choir. "They probably heard the Meshuga Notes perform at the Jewish Collegiate Festival for the Performing Arts in Manhattan," she guesses.

For the jingle, Axel came up with a general tune and everyone wrote a verse or a rhyme. Asking audiences at all their performances to vote on the SafeAuto website helped get them into the Top 20, beating out more than 100 jingle videos.

Some of the competition, like "Drunk Buckeye Guy," wasn't much of a threat. But what about the first place Potters House Church Choir?

"We've been conversing with them by e-mail and they've invited us to come and perform," says Axel.

A junior in the music school, Axel is one of the few serious vocalists.

"For most people it's just extra-curricular, so they can have music as part of their life in college," she says.

In addition to jingles, the choirs sings songs in English, Hebrew and Yiddish, ranging from American pop songs like "Dock of the Bay" to the Jewish camp classic "Hine Ma Tov."

Winning $5,000 would allow the group to record a studio-quality CD of their haunting harmonies.

Listen to their song and vote for them at DoTheJingle.com.

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