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MSU Jewish Student Union Awarded Student Life Leadership Award

by Max Orenstein, Communications Associate |Apr 21, 2009|Comments

MSU JSU award.

The Jewish Student Union at Michigan State University (JSU) is the recipient of the 2009 Campus Impact Award presented at the 2009 Student Life Leadership Awards conference held on April 18.

Under the leadership of MSU senior David Mindell, 22, of West Bloomfield, Mich., the JSU received the prestigious award for significantly impacting the MSU campus community with a comprehensive campaign to engage the entire student community.

The JSU provides MSU Jewish students and students of diverse faiths, backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities a variety of programming and events to further understanding of Jewish culture and issues.

According to Mindell, the JSU is unique to Michigan State University because it offers resources to engage the continuously evolving student body. "We engage other student groups, present events demonstrating our culture, and we cosponsor events with others encouraging an interchange of knowledge which promotes brotherhood. Our motto is "Peace over Prejudice."

MSU Hillel Executive Director Cindy Hughey said, "This has been a tremendous year for the JSU under David Mindell's direction. I congratulate David and the 30 members of the JSU, an intregal part of Michigan State University.

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