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All AEPI Chapters Pledge $85 for Hillel's 85th Birthday

by Anonymous |May 15, 2009|Comments

Hillel and AEPi celebrate Hillels 85th birthday.

In honor of Hillel's 85th birthday, AEPi's 140 chapters will each raise $85 for Hillel during the fall semester toward a $12,000 goal.

"AEPi is investing in Hillel just as Hillel invests in AEPi. This just demonstrates the significance of our partnership," said AEPi President Andy Borans, also member of Hillel's Board of Directors.

Borans announced the exciting commitment at Hillel's recent spring board meeting in Austin, Texas.

Hillel students and Alpha Epsilon Pi brothers also celebrated Hillel's 85th Birthday and the essential relationship between the two organizations at AIPAC's Policy Conference on May 3.

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