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Hillel Russia clubs celebrate Hillel 85th Anniversary

by Anna Smulyanskaya |Jun 19, 2009|Comments

Hillel Russia clubs celebrate Hillel 85th Anniversary.

All the Hillel Russia clubs has gathered their students in order to celebrate Hillel International 85th Anniversary. On June 14 in one of Moscow's most beautiful parks - the Catherine Park, Hillel Moscow held the festive flash mob. Current members of Hillel programs, old friends, and what is particularly pleasant - new for the Moscow Hillel people - gathered for a celebration. In a set of small group learning sessions the students discussed Jewish wisdom and then wrote down their thoughts and opinions on the quotes offered to discussion on a specially prepared pieces of paper. In a sunset 85 multicolored balloons with the quotes and opinions attached were released high into the sky. 85 commemorative badges were prepared specially for the event and given to which participant. Novosibirsk Hillel has followed this flash-mob and gathered their students in one of the Novosibirsk parks to release the balloons.

Hillel Russia clubs celebrate Hillel 85th Anniversary.

Ekaterinburg Hillel held two 85th activities: one virtual through the web where every Hillel student could greet Hillel in any creative form, the exceptional greetings competed for being cited; the second event was the Hillel students meeting in a cafe to recall the various serious and funny stories of their Hillel, their own first Hillel experiences, young Jewish couples who met at Hillel.

Hillel Russia clubs celebrate Hillel 85th Anniversary.

Khabarovsk Hillel students cooked special 85th cakes and granted them to the community charitable service for elderly and to the community kindergarten.

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