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Reform Judaism Publishes College Guide

by Hillel News |Aug 11, 2009|Comments

Reform Judaism.
Reform Judaism Magazine has issued its 2009 Guide to Jewish College Life online. The publication is filled with articles of interest to prospective college students, parents and those involved with Jewish life on campus. The magazine includes the annual listing of 60 universities with the largest Jewish populations, which is produced in cooperation with Hillel.

The issue includes:

Building Character: A conversation with college presidents Scott Cowan, Tulane; Amy Gutmann, U. of Pennsylvania; Marjorie Hass, Austin; Lawrence Bacow, Tufts.

When You Think You Can't Afford College: An interview with Inside Higher Ed Editor Scott Jaschik.

College Cash: Scholarships, grants, and lower cost loans

The Top 60 Schools Jews Choose & The Top 20 Schools by Percentage of Jews: Chart and ranking in a printable PDF

The College Face of Facebook: Using Facebook to connect to Jewish campus life.

When To Seek a Pro: The whys and hows of choosing a college consultant.

If I Had to Apply Again: Admissions advice by college students.

Surviving School: How to cope with increasing school, extracurricular, and relationship pressures.

How to Beat the Israel Blame Game: Dealing with anti-Israel sentiment on campus.

Falafel, Turnips, & Tikkun: The many Israel opportunities for college students.

Jewish Passion, Jewish Profession: When you're considering a career in Jewish service.

Israel Safety: Israel trip security guidelines.

Pilgrimage to Peace: Pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian students at UC Irvine travel together to Israel and Palestinian territories.

Six Trip Tips: Planning a dialogue-centered trip.

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