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Hillel Israel Gets It Right

by Anonymous |Oct 02, 2009|Comments

Hillel in Israel.

Failure to engage alumni is, perhaps, the biggest single mistake the Jewish world has made for decades. Our camps, youth programs and Israel long-term programs - among others - are all at fault. Hundreds of thousands of interested and committed individuals, during their most formative years, have moved through our programs and institutions. And what do we as a community do to engage them when they reach alumni status? Precious little; and until recently not even that.

So when an organization takes the lead and reaches out to their alumni, Kol HaKavod! In this case to Hillel Israel.

Through a new endeavor they seek to answer the question, once a Hillel student graduates, how can he or she continue to pursue the kind of meaningful Jewish experiences they enjoyed while in college or university?

Thanks to a new initiative, their graduates can now turn to the Hillel Israel Alumni Association, which is building a community of young adults who share the Hillel vision.

Hillel alumni Amichai Haber and Tamar Shchory originated and launched the association out of a desire to be in touch with former students who share their ideals, and to build programs that speak to their shared interests.

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