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Hillel Gardens in Greenwich Village

by Anonymous |Oct 06, 2009|Comments

Gardening in Washington Square Park.
As the leaves turn orange and red, the NYU community is turning greener: Yesterday, a group of students spent two hours gardening in Washington Square Park as part of the JNF Bronfman Green Fellowship organized by the Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life.

Students involved in the seven-week fellowship, which began yesterday and will run through Nov. 18, will spend two hours a week gardening in the park and learning about park management in an urban setting. Upon completing the program, each student will receive a stipend of $250 intended to be spent on a community greening initiative.

"Discussion and planning these ongoing initiatives will be a component of the fellowship," said David Rittberg, the acting executive director of the Bronfman Center.

Because campus interest in environmental issues has grown in recent years, the Bronfman Center partnered with the Jewish National Fund to create the fellowship, which encompasses "components of community, environmental action and education," Rittberg said.

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