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Schmoozing with Senior Jewish Educators

by Hillel News |Nov 03, 2009|Comments

Hillel's ten Senior Jewish Educators (SJEs) raise the schmooze to an art form. Now you can have a virtual schmooze with an SJE.

SJEs build relationships with students on the periphery of Jewish life through meaningful Jewish conversations and experiences, including Taglit-Birthright Israel trips, social justice Alternative Breaks, and on-campus learning sessions focused around students' passions and their "big life questions."

Here is just a taste of their approach to Jewish learning. Enjoy your virtual schmooze.

Tufts University
Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg.Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg. Digging below the surface of students' questions she helps them open up "the hidden Torah of their lives."

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg (MP3 File)

Ohio State University

Rabbi Ben Berger.Rabbi Benjamin Berger. By exploring the journeys of their Biblical ancestors, he helps students give meaning to their own journeys.

Rabbi Benjamin Berger (MP3 File)

New York University
Rabbi Dan Smokler.Rabbi Dan Smokler. A rabbi shares "Jewish life wisdom stuff" with a fraternity.

Rabbi Dan Smokler (MP3 File)

University of Delaware

Rabbi Jeremy Winaker.Rabbi Jeremy Winaker. A group of students discovers that daily life can be a prayer.

Rabbi Jeremy Winaker (MP3 File)

University of Texas, Austin

Rabbi Joel Nickerson.Devora Brustin. A student discovers and celebrates her Jewish roots.

Devora Brustin (MP3 File)

University of Kansas
Rabbi Neal Schuster.
Rabbi Neal Schuster. Students learned that "drinking like an adult" means appreciating alcohol as a celebration of life, not an excuse for misbehavior.

Rabbi Neal Schuster (MP3 File)

Senior Jewish Educators Bring Depth to Jewish Students - more information about SJEs and a video about Devora Brustin.

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