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Rio Hillel Leads Ahmadinejad Protest

by Anonymous |Nov 22, 2009|Comments

More than 1,000 people of all backgrounds participated in a Hillel-organized rally in Rio de Janiero on Sunday, November 22, to protest a visit by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Brazil.

Hillel brought together more than 30 movements, including LGBT groups and Muslims. "Our goal is to show the world that Ahmadinejad's politics are not welcome in Brazil," explained Hillel Rio Director Bruno Bondarovsky.

Hillel member Michel Gherman told JTA: "Ahmadinejad is not only a threat for Jews, blacks and homosexuals, he is a threat for democracy. We're here united to defend a free world."

Marchers walked five blocks along the Ipanema beach lead by a banner that said "Deny the Holocaust, Deny Slavery in Brazil."

Protestors also carried a two-story tall cage filled with balloons representing Ahmadinejad's positions, such as suppression of free speech, persecution of homosexuals and the denial of women's rights.

At noon, marchers opened the cage and freed the balloons representing the freedom of Brazilian democracy.

The event was carried widely in the Brazilian media and in many Israeli news outlets.

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