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Former Cincinnati Hillel Employee Shirley Lutchin Passes Away

by Anonymous |Dec 08, 2009|Comments
Shirley Lutchin.

The staff, students, Board of Trustees and the Cincinnati community will forever miss Shirley Lutchin. A Hillel staff member since 1966, for more than four decades Shirley was the public face of Cincinnati Hillel. She was the first person generations of students saw when they walked into Hillel. The chair next to her desk was where student after student sat to share their concerns about life and to be refreshed by her energy and spirit. At the Hillel Jewish Student Center, Shirley willingly served as the surrogate and friendly parent for generations of UC students. She instinctively understood the phrase 'in loco parentis' literally and lovingly, not legally and filled in as the mother so many of them missed.

Just as students had their parents and lives outside Hillel, so did Shirley. Shirley's life was filled with sadness, but you wouldn't know it. If and when you learned about it, then you really understood the depth of her experience. Her wisdom and ability to build a giving and loving life represented the triumph of her spirit. Shirley was not a Pollyanna, she didn't simply put on a happy face. Her respect and love for her students and students who became her friends, reflected her loving and positive soul.

We are all grateful for her wisdom, her deep compassion and her eternal friendship, she will be deeply missed.

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