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Second Night of Chanukah

by Anonymous |Dec 12, 2009|Comments

Mr. Latke Head made it to his second destination: Hofstra!
Total Votes: 95

We headed up north to celebrate the second night of Chanukah with Hofstra Hillel. 

This time, we lit the menorah with students in the main part of campus but it wasn't just a regular menorah. It was made of tiki torches and it sits right in the hub of campus, to remind everyone that right now we are celebrating the miracle of light. I thought it was a great way to represent Jewish campus life at Hofstra, and take Chanukah out of the Hillel building and onto the lawn.

Don't forget to vote where Mr. Latke Head will end up tomorrow.

Tune in tomorrow after candle lighting to see where Mr. Latke Head lights candles for the next night, and consider sponsoring a portion of his next trip. We can't do this without you!

Happy Second Night of Chanukah!

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