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Hopkins Hillel Houses Returned Judaica

by Anonymous |Jan 04, 2010|Comments
hopkins judaica

Hopkins Hillel Director Rabbi Debbie Pine displays the new Judaica collection.

A collection of rare Judaica items donated to Johns Hopkins University in 1900 is being returned to the university and will be exhibited on the third-floor landing of the Smokler Center for Jewish Life in the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building, the home of Hopkins Hillel.

The Sonneborn Collection will be a boon to scholars and students alike who will be able to view, study and interact with the objects.

"At Hillel, we strive to engage students in multiple ways. Some are drawn to prayer, some to learn about Israel, some to socialize," said Hillel Executive Director Rabbi Debbie Pine. "We see the Sonneborn Collection as another avenue in which to get students involved in Jewish life. And it's also a way for students who might be pre-med or engineering majors to engage in art. It's a tremendous honor for us to host this incredible and beautiful collection."


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