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UCLA Hillel Activists Chosen Los Angeles Mensches

by Anonymous |Jan 08, 2010|Comments
Former Hillel Campus Entrepreneurs Alisa Malki and Caryn Roth, students at UCLA, were included in the very short list of Los Angeles' top mensches by the Los Angeles Jewish Journal and were featured on the newspaper's cover.

Below is an excerpt from the newspaper's article on these outstanding students.

LA Jewish Journalcover.
It was 2006. Alisa Malki (at left in photo) was hanging out in Caryn Roth's UCLA dorm room when she told her friend about a nonprofit organization called Challah for Hunger she'd heard about on National Public Radio.

Excited, Roth (at right in photo) said she knew the program through a friend who was involved with it at Claremont College.

That was that. The girls, both now 21 and seniors at UCLA, made the decision to bring the program to their school.

Having gotten the approval through the university bureaucracy, since 2007 they've spent virtually every Thursday of the academic year working with a large group of volunteers in the kitchen at Hillel baking an assortment of flavored challahs. On Friday mornings, they sell the challahs on campus — and they always sell out.


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