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Zakim Advocates Fair Treatment for Handicapped

by Anonymous |Jan 12, 2010|Comments

The late ADL New England Regional Director Lenny Zakim was so respected for promoting tolerance that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts named the Lenny P. Zakim-Bunker Hill in his memory. It is fitting that his daughter Shari, a 23-year-old Hillel student leader at Northeastern University, has touched off a campaign to promote the rights of the disabled in the City of Boston.

Shari Zakim's protest was sparked by a New Year's Eve incident in which taxicabs repeatedly refused to pick her up because she uses a wheelchair. One of the cabs that passed her uses the Zakim-Bunker Hill Bridge in its logo. In a letter to the editor in the Boston Globe she wrote "My father stood for civil rights, mutual respect and the equal treatment of all people. I am sure he would have been as furious as we were at the treatment we received."

Since going public, city officials from the mayor on down have been extremely responsive.


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