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Graduates Celebrate Purim with Hillel in Tel Aviv

by Anonymous |Mar 09, 2010|Comments

Celebrating Purim in Tel Aviv.

Hillel Israel's alumni association has created a new Kehillat haBogrim - a community of graduates that meets together to share new Hillel-style experiences and continue to promote Hillel's goals.

In early March, Kehillat haBogrim met in Tel Aviv's Neve Tzedek neighborhood for a Purim celebration that included an optional, free-style megillah reading. Participants took turns reading parts of the megillah, emphasizing whatever part of the story they found particularly relevant. The group discussed what Hillel means to them and what they'd like to continue doing together, to build a young community of post-university Israelis who share a common vision.

After the "free-style" megillah reading, the Hillel group joined a general Purim party of about 400 young people in two adjacent pubs, celebrating the holiday with live music and dancing in both venues plus the courtyard in between.

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