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Bracketology: Will Jewish Mojo Carry NCAA Tourney?

by Anonymous |Mar 19, 2010|Comments

Jeremy Fine, a.k.a. "The Great Rabbino," makes his bracket predictions for the NCAA men's basketball playoffs with a Jewish -- and often Hillel -- twist in the Los Angeles
Jewish Journal

So, it is tournament time. Everyone is frantically filling out their brackets, hoping to gain pride and maybe some cash. Everyone has a different strategy for picking the Final Four. Some people pick underdogs, some pick according to mascots, and some pick by what they think is knowledge yet always end up losing. Well, The Great Rabbino has decided to help you out. TGR is filling out your brackets using Jews. I want to state clearly that I am NOT responsible for you losing your pool. This is just a fun, Jewish, and different way of trying to win your bracket. Just remember that God influenced this bracket.

How are we going to do this? We have done tons of research and came up with a crazy and completely illogical system. Teams were considered by Jewish Players/Coaches, seeding numbers relevance to Judaism (#1 = God, 10 = 10 Commandments, etc), the University's Hillel/Jewish studies program, the number of Jews on campus, the surrounding city's Jewish presence, Jewish sports alumni, and a slight TheGreatRabbino.com bias.

For a complete, team-by-team Hillel roster, visit NCAA Bracketologists Declare Hillel is Powerhouse.

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