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Eric Fingerhut.
Eric Fingerhut
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I’m incredibly honored by the decision of Hillel's leadership to appoint me as president, and I will strive to follow the teachings of our namesake.

I believe we have an opportunity – and a solemn obligation – to build the Jewish future by welcoming, engaging, inspiring and supporting Jewish students of all backgrounds.

Our approach is defined by the laws and teachings of our faith, by the mission of this great organization, by our love of Israel, and by what connects us as a people. And that’s what Hillel does: we connect with thousands of Jewish students every day, at more than 550 locations around the world.

We know that Hillel is not just for the campus. It’s for the Jewish community. It’s for all of us – the entire Jewish people. And Hillel has to represent who we are as a people, where we’ve been, where we’re going, what we believe, and what matters to us. I look forward to representing Hillel as we continue to do this important work, and to enrich the lives of Jewish students so they may enrich the Jewish people and the world.

Eric D. Fingerhut
President, Hillel

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