Workshop Requests for Proposals

Hillel International Global Assembly.

We welcome all submissions for high-quality workshops that will be relevant and meaningful to Hillel Professionals on campuses globally, and that will enhance you personally and professionally. All submissions will be subject to review and selection by a 2016 Session Selection Committee made up of Hillel Professionals from both Hillel International and from the field.

Proposals should be submitted for one of two workshop categories:

Jewish Learning (3.5 hours over 2 days):

All Hillel Professionals are engaging students and communities in Jewish conversations and activities. These workshops will provide a diverse set of Jewish educational offerings designed to inspire, enrich and support our professionals in doing this work. Proposed sessions can include “how to” sessions, traditional Jewish study, and exploration of new ideas and methodologies to provide Jewish inspiration for our work and souls. These workshops will include a total of 3.5 hours of classroom time; split evenly on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, with the same participants each day. Please be specific in the proposal about the level of Jewish education needed to participate.

Program & Management Training and Workshops (5 hours and 15 minutes over 3 days):

Coming together is an opportunity to learn skills, explore best practices, and stretch into new areas. The goal of these workshops will be to provide meaningful deep dives into content areas that will advance professionals’ work on campus. These can include professional development sessions, programmatic trainings, or thematic working group discussions. Workshops can be stand-alone trainings or serve as launch pads for ongoing learning and enrichment beyond the Global Assembly. These workshops will take place over three days with the same cohort of participants participating throughout. These workshops will include a total of 5.5 hours of classroom time, meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday for 1 hour and 45 minutes and 2 hours on Thursday morning.

To submit a proposal, please visit this application.  Workshop submissions for the 2016 Hillel International: Global Assembly must be submitted online by Wednesday, November 2, 2016 by 5:30 pm ET.

You can direct any questions to