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Two-Line Torah, a weekly email to all Hillel professionals and others who sign up, offers a thought based on that week's Torah reading to share with students, colleagues, and friends in a variety of contexts, including during a coffee date, at a Shabbat meal or service, or at the opening of a meeting. We hope that this will enable everyone in the Hillel community to engage in the timeless ideas that have inspired and guided the Jewish people throughout the centuries. Each week's message is short (100-150 words), written by a Hillel professional and/or student, and addresses the college experience.

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Two-Line Torah: Vayeshev 5777--Sharing light

Dec 16, 2016

In some cases, talking oneself up is vital. Other times, however, sharing for the sake of bragging is simply harmful to our relationships.

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Two-Line Torah: Vayishlach 5777 -- When estranged siblings reconnect

Dec 09, 2016

In divisive times like ours, we may be afraid of reconnecting.

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Two-Line Torah: Vayetzei 5777 -- So slow, yet so fast

Dec 05, 2016

Jacob's maturation and emergence as an adult is a long, slow process that seems to go by in an instant.

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