Jews of the University


Sharing the diverse stories of Jewish college students everywhere.

Jewish tradition says there are 70 faces of Torah. The faces of Jewish students today are just as varied, and they are each unique and valued. Hillel International’s Jews of the University visually demonstrates the diversity of students in the global Hillel movement. Thank you to Michael Douglas and the Genesis Prize Foundation for making this campaign possible.

Apply here to be a photojournalist on your campus.

Photojournalists at participating universities interview Jewish students on campus and share their unique stories online. Our ever-growing international team of photojournalists consists of students interested in photography, journalism, photojournalism, grassroots organizing, and social entrepreneurship. As part of this international team, our photojournalists have the autonomy to conduct weekly interviews in their own time, and the support of photojournalists around the world as they build their portfolio and develop their photojournalist skills. The full job description is posted on the application form..


Apply for the paid Student Adviser position

The Student Adviser runs the day-to day logistics of Jews of the University. While they also photograph and interview students on their own campus, the Adviser’s main role is to ensure team cohesion, and oversee the process and schedule by which content from many photojournalists posts to our page. The full job description is posted on the application form.
Their weekly tasks include

  • Checking in with photojournalists via email and phone
  • Editing and posting interviews to assure quality
  • Maintaining our social media presence
  • Ensure that photojournalists submit weekly posts on time.
  • Conduct occasional interviews of students on your home campus

Other seasonal tasks might include:

  • Work with Hillel International Jews of the U. Supervisor on overall social media strategy
  • Recruit new photojournalists through outreach to student leaders around the world
  • Onboard new photojournalists
  • Conduct or arrange skills workshops to improve our team’s photojournalism skills


Get in touch

Use our Contact Form to be in touch. We use this form for:

  • General questions
  • To request more information about applying to be a Photojournalist or Student Advisor
  • To recommend a Jewish with a unique story who you think we should interview



Email Oren Persing for more information.

The Genesis Prize.

This project is made possible through Michael Douglas' support of Hillel, when he regifted a portion of his Genesis Prize award to this effort.