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Hillel International Springboard Fellowship Welcomes Second Cohort, Expands Focus to Include Social Justice
Continuing its drive to cultivate the next generation of Jewish leaders, Hillel International is expanding its Springboard Fellowship with a second cohort of 25 new participants for the next year of the program.
Florida Atlantic University Northwestern University Stony Brook University (Stony Brook, N.Y.) UC, University Cornell University Hofstra University (Hempstead, N.Y.) Indiana University University of Arizona University of Maryland, Baltimore County University of Miami University of Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh University of Rochester University of San Francisco University of Southern California Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond) Campus Hillels hosting

2014 Top 60 Schools by Jewish Student Population
The top school lists are collaboratively published in Reform Judaism Magazine’s RJ Insider’s Guide to College Life, in partnership with Hillel International.
University (Washington, DC) Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) Yale University (New Haven, CT, 30 Private Universities by Jewish Population New York University (New York City) Boston University (Boston, MA) Yeshiva University (New York, NY) Columbia University (New York City) George Washington University (Washington, DC) Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA) Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY) Tulane University (New Orleans, LA) Emory

Young Leaders Praise Hillel
Pershing Square Capital Management CEO Bill Ackman, financial analyst Emily Stecher and Park Avenue Synagogue Rabbi Ell ...
that her participation in the Campus Entrepreneurs Initiative at Northwestern University Hillel gave, wife. Cosgrove praises University of Michigan Hillel Executive Director Michael Brooks for reaching

2012 Top 60 Schools by Jewish Student Population
Below is the list of colleges and universities with the largest Jewish undergraduate populations as published in Reform ...
(Cambridge, MA)14. Brandeis University (Waltham, MA)15. Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)16, with under 500 Jewish students. Private Universities1. New York University (New York City)2. Boston University (Boston, MA)3. Yeshiva University (New York City)4. Columbia University (New York City)5. George Washington University (Washington, DC)6. Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)7. Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY)8. University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)9. Tulane University and Newcomb

2011 Top 60 Schools by Jewish Student Population
Below is the list of colleges and universities with the largest Jewish undergraduate populations as published in Reform ...
(Cambridge, MA) 15 Brandeis University (Waltham, MA) 16 Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) 17, with under 500 Jewish students. Private Universities 1 New York University (New York City) 2 Boston University (Boston, MA) 4 Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) 5 George Washington University (Washington, DC) 6 Yeshiva University (New York City) 7 Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY) 8 University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) 9 Tulane University and Newcomb College (New Orleans, LA) 10 Emory

Chicago Students Explore Jewish Identity through Dance
By Felix Grudsky Passionate sounds of the eight-beat salsa rhythm fill a large basement room. Several couples hold han ...
, a Northwestern University junior, is a member of the performance group and ballroom competition team, by the JCRC's Initiative for Israel on Illinois Campuses, took place recently at Northwestern Hillel, salsa skills," said Ilya Bunimovich, a junior at Northwestern and one of the program participants. "I, , a University of Illinois at Chicago student and a former member of another dancing ensemble in Vilnius, Grudsky is a graduate student at University of Illinois at Chicago and a JCRC/Hillel Russian Israel

Hillel Launches Campus Entrepreneurs Initiative
The 2006-07 academic year will begin with an entrepreneurial spirit as Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life ...
, pilot year of the program, 12-student teams at Northwestern University; University of Arizona; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; University of Maryland, College Park; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Los Angeles; and University of California, San Diego, from a university administrator or student government leader. Though the initiative is limited

Jewish students deserve a break from BDS
Just because Jewish students have been able to contend with the BDS movement doesn’t mean that they should have to.
Jewish life and protecting it. Take the example of my alma mater, Northwestern University, of Northwestern’s Associated Student Government in favor of calling on the university to divest its, Jewish homeland. In the same academic quarter as the divestment vote, Northwestern students rushed to reaffirm their Jewish identities on and off campus. The situation at Northwestern — like the situation, of what universities are seeking to teach and model on campus. And university administrators should

Two-Line Torah: Vayishlach 5777 -- When estranged siblings reconnect
In divisive times like ours, we may be afraid of reconnecting.
at Northwestern University.

Hillel Professionals and Campuses Honored
Hillel professionals celebrate their achievements at the 2007 Professional Staff Conference.Hillel's Professional Sta ...
Reed Assistant Director, Rutgers University Hillel Adam Simon Executive Director, Northwestern University Hillel Rabbi Mike Uram Assistant Director and Campus Rabbi, University of Pennsylvania, Valley Development Award (2 winners) University of Massachusetts, Amherst Hillel Jewish University Center of Pittsburgh Meaningful Jewish Experience UCLA Hillel Great Place to Work Hillel, Danzig Executive Director, Hillel at Stanford Rabbi David Levy Rabbi and Advisor, Colgate University