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Students Learn to "Live Generously" at 2004 UJC General Assembly
By Aviva PerlmanImagine. Live Generously. These were underlying words of advice passing through the halls of the Cl ...
cities in the world." Leeor Baskin, a senior at Northwestern University, felt the sessions, was a Hillel delegation made up of more than 300 college students from North America. University, University, Zusstone looked toward this year's GA to take advantage of networking opportunities, , a junior at York University, felt the student delegation should have been bigger. "There were so, University junior Noam Guberman thought the Shabbaton was a great way to connect with and get to know

Professionals Achieve Milestones
More than 30 Hillel professionals from campuses and the Charles and Lynn Schusterman International Center achieved pr ...
. Zac Kaye, who began his career at the University of Melbourne in Australia and now leads Hillel, building at University of Melbourne. Since then, they've moved on to serve Jewish students in Vancouver, of the 18,000 Jewish university students in the Greater Toronto area. Hillel Vice President Scott, :Michael Faber, Ithaca College Hillel 20 years:Amy Olson, University of Rhode Island HillelAndrea, Meltzer, Northeastern University HillelPhilip Schlossberg, Purdue Hillel 10 years:Lauren Estes, Tufts

New Orleans Hillel Prepares for Spring Semester
Ask Tulane University students when they will return to campus, and they won't just give you the date that classes star ...
Syracuse University, Cornell University, Harvard University, New York University, Northwestern University, New Orleans Hillel Prepares for Spring Semester, Ask Tulane University students when, , who relocated to Syracuse University for the semester. "I'm just excited," said Megan Holstine, a sophomore who continued her studies at Cornell University this fall. "This semester has been a little, students at New Orleans-area campuses are eager to begin the spring semester back at their university

Goucher Hillel Unveils Its Own Ask Big Questions
Students participate in the Ask Big Questions program at Goucher.At Goucher College, there is  a tradition o ...
program last week with their first question "Where do you feel at Home?" Started at the Northwestern University Hillel in 2008, the Ask Big Questions program prompts the entire campus to contemplate

Hillel President Eric Fingerhut: Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about new Hillel President Eric Fingerhut.
in the U.S. Congress. Fingerhut received a juris doctorate from Stanford University Law School and a bachelor's degree from Northwestern University. What are the duties of the president? The president, as they gather at Washington University in St. Louis at Hillel’s annual Institute on July 29

The 2009 GA: A Young Jewish Professional's Perspective
I have just returned to life in the office after an incredible whirlwind experience at the 2009 General Assembly (GA) of ...
Johnson, a senior from Northwestern University Hillel, who helped set the tone by elegantly, to 250 students from over 50 university campuses to the conference. Our goal was to foster, , a recent graduate who is currently the Program Associate at the University of Central Florida Hillel

Hillel Rocks Music City at UJC General Assembly
Students wave penants at opening plenary
with student activities. Northwestern University student Taube Schwartz, who is also a Campus, Tel Aviv University Executive Director Pnina Gaday.  View our Media Gallery Zack Yost, a senior at the University of Michigan (UM), says that it was "exceptionally humbling to be in the company, from 84 schools, including 35 students from Yeshiva University and 25 from the University of Michigan.         George Washington University student Sarah Chasin and Tel Aviv University Hillel

Hillel Honors Innovative Programming
Fifteen students at Berkeley Hillel were given $180 each and sent out to change the world. The students took children f ...
at Pierce and Valley Colleges. The second recipient of the award was Hillel at Northwestern University, ground and found new ways to involve students. At the University of Connecticut Hillel, students, . The program was so successful that the university administration adopted the initiative. Students at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Hillel raised over $5,000 for Lymphoma research when, and interacting on a personal level with the rest of the community and faculty of the university," said Jeremy

Biography of the President - Hillel
. Fingerhut received a juris doctorate from Stanford University Law School and a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University. An active member of Ohio’s Jewish and pro-Israel community, Fingerhut is married

Ninth Annual Slingshot Guidebook Includes Hillel’s Ask Big Questions & J’Burgh
Ask Big Questions and J’Burgh were chosen for the second year in a row by an independent panel of 83 professionals with expertise in grant-making and Jewish communal life.
Initiative (SJE/CEI). Ask Big Questions grew out of a CEI interns’ project at Northwestern University, Ninth Annual Slingshot Guidebook Includes Hillel’s Ask Big Questions & J’Burgh, We are thrilled that Hillel’s Ask Big Questions and J’Burgh, an initiative of The Edward and Rose Berman Hillel Jewish University Center of Pittsburgh, have been named two of the nation’s 50 most innovative Jewish nonprofits in Slingshot ’13-‘14, a resource guide for Jewish innovation. Ask Big Questions brings