The Process

Our application procedure is a matching process. We consider your individual strengths related to your specialty area, diversity of experience, and how you can best serve campus needs. Finalists will be selected, matched with a campus, and offered a fellowship placement. 

There are four separate tracks, each centered on a theme that enriches student lives on college campuses. Which one suits you?

Innovation Specialist

You’re a creative thinker who embraces challenges, takes risks, fails, and learns from the past while maintaining your passion and humor. Use your skills to reimagine and redesign Jewish life to serve a spectrum of student interests.

Social Justice Specialist

You believe social justice is a Jewish value, one that students will advocate for on and off campus. Channel your passion to help students engage in social justice through a Jewish lens.

Ezra Jewish Education Specialist

You have a deep passion for Jewish wisdom, history, and culture as well as a yearning to share that passion with others. As a committed educator, you’ll provide an accessible portal to Jewish learning, guided by the values and texts that have sustained our people for millennia.

Intrapreneurship Specialist

You’re ready to develop entrepreneurial skills, design new programs, and play a key role in growing successful organizations. Use your natural and learned talents to pioneer a meaningful, vibrant community where students can be their most authentic selves.