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Connecting Students with Sukkot at UMBC HIllel

At UMBC Hillel, a holiday for connection.
by Schusterman International Center |Oct 12, 2012|Comments

At the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), the Hillel sukkah connects the entire campus community. In 2012, their Sukkot theme was "Connect For," and visitors were inspired to play a giant Connect Four game while considering how various connections are made.

UMBC Hillel no longer uses the sukkah as a program – it is now a space to build relationships. The invitation to their Sukkah highlighted several “Connect For” themes: Harvest, Happiness, Social Justice, Species, and Friends. UMBC Hillel created a true Jewish experience by making their sukkah a home away from home for hundreds of students, who eat, sleep, relax and spend time with their friends in the Sukkah.

UMBC Hillel Sukkah with Connect Four theme.

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