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An Early Thanksgiving at Brooklyn College HIllel

Over 200 volunteers supported the student-run event.
by Schusterman International Center |Dec 04, 2012|Comments

The Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College (BC Hillel) has been celebrBC Hillel Thanksgiving.ating Thanksgiving early for 27 years. This year, on 11/21, they once again hosted a Thanksgiving celebration for homeless and underprivileged New Yorkers. They partnered with the Department of Homeless Services to spread the word and information to their constituents. On campus, the BC Hillel team worked with fraternities, sororities and other clubs to coordinate, plan, and implement the program. Over 200 volunteers supported the student-run event.

As one Hillel coordinator described it, “By the end of the night we had danced the Macarena, had more turkey than any group of people should ever eat in one sitting and came to the realization that people, no matter their background, when working together can create something so beautiful and so meaningful.” Following the event, one volunteer emailed BC Hillel to say, “I've never been a part of anything like this; the camaraderie and teamwork between such a diverse group was humbling.”

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