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Cornell Hillel's Greeks vs. Maccabees Chanukah Paintball Event

Chanukah 2012 marked the second annual Greeks vs. Maccabees paintball event.
by Schusterman International Center |Dec 26, 2012|Comments

At Cornell Hillel, this Chanukah marked the second annual Greeks vs. Maccabees paintball event, organized by the Jewish Outdoor Group (J.O.G.). They recreated a famous Chanukah battle, ate doughnuts and had a great time.
Cornell student Lawrence K., class of 2013, shares, “Greeks vs. Maccabees paintball was one of the best events that I have attended in my four years at Cornell. It provided an educational opportunity for Jews and non-Jews to engage in a fun activity, paintball, that few of us have participated in on a regular basis. I was able to explain to my non-Jewish friends the story behind Chanukah and even taught my Jewish friends a couple things that they didn't know. Everybody that I talked to fully enjoyed themselves and many inquired what other activities would be organized in the future."

Cornell Hillel Paintball Event.

Photo courtesy of Cornell Hillel: Students and staff pose in their Greeks vs. Maccabees paintball gear.

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