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Campuses for Israel Unites Groups Nationwide

by Hillel News |Dec 17, 2013|Comments

Eytan and RaphaelAs two pro-Israel college students attending Boston University and University of California, Los Angeles, we noticed a distinct lack of collaboration between pro-Israel groups throughout college campuses. In order to strengthen the pro-Israel student community, we felt that it was necessary to connect these groups via a new social media website exclusive to pro-Israel organizations.

In May 2013, Campuses for Israel was created with a distinct vision to unite and foster relationships between campus pro-Israel groups nationwide and hopefully worldwide. Through the website, groups are given access to our innovative, private social network called "The Community," allowing for real time collaboration with the safe environment for ideas to flourish. Participating organizations have the ability to share resources, participate in discussions, receive advice from others, and collaborate directly with schools in the same region via private groups or message any participating group on the network. Since opening The Community, we have added over 40 campuses nationwide and have partnered with prominent organizations such as Hasbara Fellowships and StandWithUs. We are also working on acquiring more partnerships with other organizations to bring further opportunities directly to our members.

Eytan and RaphaelAlong with constantly seeking ways to improve the Campuses for Israel experience, our next project, currently in the early planning stages, is a nationwide Campuses for Israel conference. Because we, as a nationwide organization, understand the difficulties of traveling to one location, we are planning on holding concurrent mini conferences in Boston, Los Angeles, and Florida. At the conference, students will discuss situations unique to their campuses and collectively brainstorm ideas to implement on their campuses in the forthcoming year. We also plan on bringing guest speakers to each of the conferences and have their speeches streamed via Google Hangouts to attendees at each conference allowing everyone to be a part of the experience regardless of location.

We hope you are as excited as we are about Campuses for Israel and invite you to check us out on our website or on Facebook. We are currently accepting applications for schools to join for Winter 2014.

Raphael Fils is a sophomore at Boston University studying Business Information Systems and Marketing. Eytan Davidovits is a junior at University of California, Los Angeles, studying Economics.

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