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Stony Brook Hillel Welcomes Nobel Prize-Winning Mathematician

by Hillel News |May 08, 2006|Comments
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Incoming Stony Brook Hillel board member Daniel Kamzan (right) chats with Nobel Laureate Dr. Robert J. Aumann at a Stony Brook Hillel reception in his honor.

Stony Brook Hillel recently hosted Robert J. Aumann, the Israeli mathematician who was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics for 2005, at a reception for its Jewish student leaders. Dr. Aumann, a professor emeritus at Hebrew University and leading visiting professor at Stony Brook University for the past 16 years, was awarded the Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking work on game theory. While at Stony Brook he delivered a public lecture on "War and Peace," based on his Nobel lecture delivered in Stockholm in October.

"Our Hillel reception was a great opportunity for Jewish students to meet Professor Aumann, who spoke directly with so many of us. I felt a great sense of pride meeting an observant Jewish Nobel Prize winner," said junior Noah Aronin, the incoming Stony Brook Hillel president.

Stony Brook Hillel provided an opportunity for Jewish student leaders, Israel activists, and those interested in scientific, research or academic careers, to spend some time with Professor Aumann discussing their options and hearing about his unique personal story.

"It was an honor to be able to meet a man of such stature who not only is very intellectual, but also pleasant to talk with. Being around him reminded me that he is just like you and I and that anything I put my mind to can be accomplished," said sophomore Yelena Poklad, the incoming Stony Brook Hillel vice president.

"We were delighted to host Dr. Aumann here at Stony Brook, where he has been a visiting faculty member for many years. We are proud of his achievements as a member of our faculty, as a Jew and as an Israeli. His openness, his wonderful sense of humor and his deep commitment to Judaism and the State of Israel are a great role model for a university community," added Rabbi Joseph Topek, the director at Stony Brook Hillel.

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