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Hillel Professionals Achieve Milestones

by Hillel News |Dec 21, 2007|Comments
At the 2007 Hillel Professional Staff Conference (PSC), professionals were pleased to honor their colleagues who have recently achieved employment milestones.
Milestone award recipients.
Milestone award recipients.

This year's milestones were presented for 30 years of service to:

Rabbi Howard Alpert
Executive Director, Hillel of Greater Philadelphia

Rabbi Abie Ingber
Executive Director, University of Cincinnati Hillel

Rabbi Meir Mitelman
Executive Director, Hofstra University Hillel

Rabbi Moshe Shur
Executive Director, Queens College Hillel

For 35 years of service to:

Rabbi Barton Lee
Director and Campus Rabbi, Arizona State University Hillel

For 40 years of service to:

Rabbi Joseph Polak
Director and Campus Rabbi, Boston University Hillel

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