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Hillel Students Celebrate Purim around the World

by Hillel News |Mar 26, 2010|Comments

Kharov Hillel students celebrate Purim.
Kharov Hillel students celebrate Purim.
Kharov Hillel students celebrate Purim.
With a dramatic villain, delectable treats, and a mandate for revelry, Purim has long been a favorite holiday of the young adult Jewish community. This year was no different and Hillels around the world found creative ways to let loose.

Over 3,000 young people joined Purim celebrations at Hillels throughout the former Soviet Union. In Odessa, Ukraine students competed in a "Miss Esther Beauty Pageant," and the pageant's winner, Dasha Goncharuk, won prizes and an entrance into the city's official "Miss Odessa" contest.

"Purim is a great time to celebrate our heritage," said Goncharuk. "Winning this title was such a fun opportunity to enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere of Odessa Hillel."

In Kharkov, Ukraine 50 students boarded a tram and drove around the city in costume to celebrate at different locations with music and dancing. A few days later, nearly 400 Hillel students gathered at a local nightclub to continue the party.

Hillel Israel took the opportunity of Purim to reach out to its growing alumni network, Kehillat haBogrim. Fifty university graduates gathered in costume in Tel Aviv for a "free-style" megillah reading and discussion followed by music and dancing. The Kehillat haBogrim group then joined a general Purim party of nearly 400 that lasted long into the evening.

Across the globe, Hillels across Latin America also showed off their Purim partying prowess, cumulatively attracting over 1000 participants at locations from Montevideo to Rio de Janeiro.

Hillel Argentina's festivities in Buenos Aires had a particularly international feel, with hundreds of students from all over the world gathered for a Purim feast and megillah reading followed by a costume party.

"Hillel in Buenos Aries created a perfect party for all kinds of people from all over the world," said American study abroad student and Global Campus Intern Daniel Pessar. "I counted at least four countries represented. The energy was fantastic."

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