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Hillel and JFNA Ask: What's Your Ish?

by Hillel News |May 13, 2010|Comments

What makes you Jewish?

What's your "Ish?"

Hillel and the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) want to know.

Hillel is partnering with the Jewish Federations of North America's (JFNA) "What's Your #Ish?" campaign to engage young adults with their local federations.

On whatsyourish.com/hillel, the interactive nature and impact of the project comes to life. Jewish students and young adults are invited to post their ideas of what being Jewish means to them in three places - on the Web site, Facebook or Twitter - and to tag it with the hash-tag symbol (#ish.) By using this tag, individual entries will aggregate across the Web and automatically appear on the ish website, contributing to the ongoing conversation. For every post, 25 cents will be placed in a special #ish fund that participants can choose. Guest celebrities will also be sharing what being Jewish means to them via videos throughout the campaign.

Hillel partnered with JFNA to distribute "What's your #ish?" t-shirts to schools with Campus Entrepreneurs Initiative and Peer-Network Engagement Internship programs. Additionally, anyone can download a discussion guide from whatsyourish.com/hillel for campus leaders to generate conversation about Jewish identity.

At the conclusion of the campaign, JFNA and Hillel will have created a virtual exhibit of the many ways that today's students and young adults define being Jewish. The ultimate goal is to help 19 to 36-year-old Jews understand the work of local federations and the resources they provide for communities and individuals.

Check out whatsyourish.com/hillel and let us know what makes you Jewish.

Read more about the campaign on JTA.

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