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Reconstructionist Seminary Highlights Hillel

by Anonymous |Jun 18, 2010|Comments
RRC Annual Report.

Hillel professionals were the lead story in the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College's 2010 Annual Report. The article captures Hillel's mission, goals, and engagement methodology as it focuses on the work of RRC students and graduates. University of Virginia Hillel Executive Director Rabbi Jake Rubin, Ohio State Hillel Rabbi & Director of Religious Life Leigh Ann Kopans, and Rabbi Danielle Stillman, Hillel advisor at Ursinus College, are featured. RRC graduates currently serve as professionals on 17 campuses and rabbinical students are interning on 10.

The article also describes the RRC's unique John Bliss Campus Internships program which places rabbinical students on local Philadelphia-area campuses under the supervision of Barbara Hirsh, RRC's dean of academic administration and a former Hillel professional.

RRC fifth-year student Isabel de Koninck works on the Bryn Mawr and Haverford campuses and  helps students at several colleges find service-learning opportunities. She says: "Students are so much more willing to adapt and change and question everything. A student plops down in your office and you never know what the conversation is going to be. It could be 'I'm not going to be a lawyer like my dad!' And sometimes it's 'I want a more fulfilling spiritual life.'"

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