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Hillel has given me many opportunities I otherwise would not have had

by Hillel News |Jul 29, 2010|Comments

Hillel offers Jewish students opportunities to take ownership of their Jewish identity and to experience it in new ways. The following students expressed their thanks to Hillel supporters who have made their unique Jewish journeys possible.

Jaime Leiman.
Jaime Lieman.

Jaime Leiman
Emory University '12

"Hillel has given me many opportunities I otherwise would not have had—most memorably the opportunity to go on Birthright. This opportunity truly changed my life and my perception of Judaism, and I have to thank you for giving me this."

Naomi Kaplan
University of Pennsylvania '11

"Hillel has been the most important part of my college experience. Growing up, I was involved in USY and went to Camp Ramah. As a public school student, however, Judaism remained a separate component of my life. "Jewish" was something I did on the weekends, during the summer, or in my home on a Friday night. Being involved in Hillel during college, however, has shown me that Jewish is something I can do all the time."

Matthew Scheff
Cornell University '13

"Hillel and Judaism have played a huge role in my identity throughout my life. It is extremely heartwarming to know that there are others who share my values and want to support the continuity of our tradition."

Albina Baazov.
Albina Baazov.

Albina Baazov
Hunter College '12

"My experience in Hunter Hillel has been amazing. I come from Israel and Hillel has given me the opportunity to connect to Israel on a deeper level. Hillel has been my second home and has taught me so much."

Alex Schindler
Hunter College '11

"Hillel has introduced me to a Jewish world I never knew, a diverse mix of students from different backgrounds. It has been enriching and has helped me connect to the Jewish community at large. Keep doing what you do!"

Sharon Casola
University of Virginia '11

"I have had an amazing experience with Hillel in my three years of college at the University of Virginia. Through Hillel, I finally learned how to cook my Mom's Passover Seder dinner and share it with 25 of my friends at school. I look forward to my last year at UVA and my future experiences with Hillel."

Michal Berns.
Michal Berns.

Michal Berns
Penn State '11

"My Jewish experience began when I first moved here from Israel four years ago, especially when I found my place with Penn State Hillel and have been a part of it ever since."

Sheyna Shalamova
Brooklyn College '11

"I am very grateful for having Hillel at Brooklyn College. I have met wonderful people and thanks to Hillel still feel close to my Jewish identity. I attend events and love meeting such a variety of Jewish students. Thank you so much for giving students like me a chance to be close to my Jewish identity!"

Liya Mishiyeva.
Liya Mishiyeva.

Liya Mishiyeva
Brooklyn College '13

"I became a part of Hillel after going on the Birthright trip. I came back wanting to learn more about the Jewish religion, Jewish traditions, holidays, overall Jewish life and Hillel has given me the environment to do so. Without Hillel I don't know where I would be, it's my home."

Dana Wellesly-Stein
Binghamton University '12

"As an active member of Binghamton University's Hillel community, I want to thank you for your incredible contributions to Hillel. Not only has Hillel provided me with a wonderful college family and supportive community, but it has also helped me to find a career path about which I feel both strongly and passionately."

Rivky Zinstein.
Rivky Zinstein.

Rivky Zinstein
Hunter College '10

"As a freshman I was looking for a place that was very diverse in Judaism and where everyone was accepted. Hillel has given me the opportunity to explore this experience and grow more as a Jew."

Alyssa Glassman
University of Virginia '11

"I was first introduced to Hillel as a member of the First Year Leadership Development Program that I was later able to take charge of. Hillel has allowed me to learn so much about myself, my faith and those that surround me and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your generous support."

Cory Jankow
Binghamton University '11

"From my first Shabbat dinner to serving as the vice-president of Hillel this year, Jewish life became a key role in the decisions I have made this year. Ultimately, I want to thank you for your contributions that have allowed me to lead the Jewish life that I have."

Stephanie Wasserman
Hunter College '10

Stephanie Wasserman.
Stephanie Wasserman.
"Before coming to college I had never hosted a Shabbat dinner, but thanks to Hillel I coordinate one Shabbat dinner a month at my dorms at Hunger College. I hope that you have beautiful Shabbosim in the same way we do thanks to Hillel!"

David Wexler
Hunter College '11

"Hillel is a huge part of my life and has allowed to me to get in touch with my Jewish roots. It is such a loving and welcoming community at my school and has enriched my Jewish experience."

Edited by Hillel interns Mikhail Pozin, Baruch College, and Noam Weinblatt, University of Maryland.

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