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Israel Resources for Hillel Professionals

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The resources below are available to Hillel groups and partner organizations.

This document highlights the following:

1. Israel: A Playbook for Hillel, Pilot Version, Summer 2010.
2. talkspace: Israel
3. Fighting Back: Ad ADL Handbook for Responding to Anti-Israel Campaigns on College & University Campuses
5. Staff Support
6. Hillel's Policy Statement on Israel
7. Hillel's Vision for Israel on Campus
8. Hillel in Israel

Check the ICC Web site, Hillel Web Site, and Document Center for the latest resources.

Israel: A Playbook for Hillel, Pilot Version, Summer 2010

A collection of resources, new ideas and best practices gathered from campus Hillels and other pro-Israel organizations. Created by Hillel's Israel Advocacy Committee, a group of lay leadership, professionals and students from around the globe.

The Playbook is available to all Hillel professionals in Center. Obtain the Playbook here.

The Playbook includes:

Building Strategic Relationships

The single most effective, proactive measure that can be taken in defense of Israel is building strategic relationships. Engaging and educating unengaged Jewish students and non-Jewish students is crucial to bringing Israel to campus whether that campus environment is quiet or confrontational. This section shares valuable strategies for building strategic relationships with partners who can be helpful to you in advocating for Israel.

Pre-Taglit-Birthright Israel Education

By providing a foundation of knowledge, culture and emotional connection, the Taglit-Birthright Israel experience will be more meaningful.

Post-Taglit-Birthright Israel Experiences

Taglit-Birthright Israel's long-term impact on a student's Jewish future will depend on how successfully we capture their enthusiasm and help them continue their Jewish journey.

Student Israel Advocacy Committee Guidelines

Establishing a strong, motivated student Israel advocacy committee on every campus is the foundation for an effective Israel advocacy program. The following section shares best practices for creating and running an effective Student Israel Advocacy Committee (SIAC).

Pro-Active Framing and Parameters of Advocacy and Education

Focusing on Israel's cores strengths, shared American-Israeli values and the contribution of Israel to humanity is the foundation for framing the conversation.

Basket of Resources

This section is the current "basket of resources" including best practices, strategies, program and initiative ideas and more. The basket is only partially filled. We hope it will be a constantly evolving collaborative reservoir of programs and ideas. Please share any additions that you feel other Hillels should know about.

1. Bringing Israel to Campus

One of the most effective ways to educate your campus about Israel is to bring Israeli Arts, Culture and People to your campus. Here are some great resources to get you started.

2. Immersion Experiences in Israel for Students

Creating opportunities for students to spend time in Israel is one of the most effective tools available. Here are some great resources to get you started.

3. Coalition Building as it Relates to Israel on Campus

Coalition building is important because it is based on the notion of "strength in numbers." A united front or a collaborative effort is much stronger than one carried on by one group. Groups within a coalition share resources, ideas, and opinions to contribute to individual and group success. We

4. Addressing Anti-Israel Activity on Campus

Anti-Israel sentiment manifests in a number of ways on college campuses. When addressing this issue, go back to your mission statement; make sure that the way in which you are responding and the things you respond to are in accordance with your mission. For example, countering Israel bashers is not in our mission, but empowering and educating students is. Our first goal is for our students to create positive and pro-active year round campaigns. If you are in a time-crunch and students want to respond directly to Israel bashers our job becomes supporting their efforts.

5. Organizations to Use as Resources

6. Advocacy Programs

A list of programming ideas and specific examples of past successful Israel advocacy programs. Hillel plans to use these examples to begin to populate the Israel Advocacy and Education tab in the Document Library on CENTER with program examples, which Hillel professionals around the country are invited to utilize or contribute to as a living, evolving resource center.

talkspace: Israel

Creating a place on campus for meaningful conversation about Israel. Originally created as the Bina Initiative by students at the University of North Carolina using funding from an AVI CHAI Israel Advocacy Grant, talkspace: Israel is a ten-week Israel discussion forum that encourages participants to think deeply about Israel and its relationship to Jewish identity by exploring a range of sources in interactive ways. Learn more about talksspace and download the curriculum here.

Fighting Back

Fighting Back: An ADL Handbook for Responding to Anti-Israel Campaigns on College and University Campuses provides pro-Israel students with a legal approach to combating anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incidents on campus. The guide is divided into sections that outline when criticism of Israel becomes anti-Semitism, explore freedom of speech issues on campus, answer frequently asked questions about responding to anti-Israel programs and offer action planning strategies to combat anti-Israel rhetoric and acts. The final section of the guide is an appendix of campus codes of conduct and examples of presidential statements on free speech. Available here.

Staff Support

The Israel on Campus Coalition

For consultation and assistance with Israel programming and crisis management, contact, The Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC). Visit the site for a complete list of ICC member organizations. The ICC is a partnership of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, in cooperation with a network of national organizations committed to promoting Israel education and advocacy on campus. The ICC's 33 member organizations are dedicated to working collaboratively to assist students in fostering support for Israel on the college campus. For More information, contact info@israelcc.org. (202) 449-6598. Web page: Israel on Campus Coalition.

Taglit-Birthright Israel: Hillel

Recruitment, implementation, pre- and post-trip programs. Raina Goldberg, director, Taglit Birthright Israel and Follow Through, (202) 449-6558 ragoldberg@hillel.org Web page: Taglit-Birthright Israel: Hillel

Israel Fellows

A joint program with the Jewish Agency for Israel, Ronen Weiss, Jewish Agency for Israel shaliach, 202-449-6577, rweiss@hillel.org

Grinspoon-MZ Foundation Israel Advocacy Interns

The Grinspoon MZ Foundation Israel Advocacy Internship program aims to enhance Israel's image and educate campus communities throughout North America to be more knowledgeable about and supportive of the State of Israel. Tracy Altman, senior associate for student leadership development for the Israel on Campus Coalition. taltman@israelcc.org, 913-424-8188

MASA Interns

The MASA Interns program places MASA Interns on 40 North American university campuses. Each MASA Interns will be responsible for recruiting a predetermined number of students for long-term Israel programs including study abroad and post-college opportunities. Stesis Sara, engagement associate, 202-449-6519, sstesis@hillel.org

Media Relations

For an overview of media relations as they pertain to Israel, download this document.

For assistance with advance publicity and crisis management, contact Jeff Rubin. associate vice president for communication, 202-449-6534, cell: 410-241-1326, jerubin@hillel.org.

Hillel's Policy Statement on Israel

"Hillel is steadfastly committed to the support of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state with secure and recognized borders and as a member of the family of free nations."

Hillel's Vision for Israel on Campus

A description of Hillel's approach to Israel as approved by our Board of Directors. Web page: Hillel's Vision for Israel on Campus.

Hillel in Israel

With eleven centers in Israel, Hillel strives to meet the specific needs of Israeli, overseas and new immigrant students. The core pillars of Hillel Israel programming include Jewish celebration, Tzedek and community, peoplehood, and leadership initiatives. Tel: 02-588-2483 Web page: Hillel Israel.

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