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Hillel Israel's Erev Piyut Rocks Tel Aviv

by Anonymous |Dec 23, 2010|Comments

Erev Piyut.

Carried live on Israel's popular Galei Tzahal radio station and featuring the country's top contemporary performing artists, Hillel Israel's "Erev Piyut" was a smashing success.

The event drew 2500 spectators to Tel Aviv's Culture Center to hear new interpretations of medieval Jewish poetry.

Musician Kobi Oz tells the Israeli newspaper Maariv, "We are all learning about our common roots. It's very moving to pull together all of these ancient sources and to sing a song that's a thousand years old and it can only happen with this people. But I don't want to indulge in nostalgia. I want to take these sources and make them into something new."


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