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Rutgers Hillel Leads Protest of Anti-Israel Event

by Anonymous |Jan 31, 2011|Comments

Rutgers Hillel, with the cooperation of local Jewish federations, led a protest against an anti-Israel event called "Never Again for Anyone" which compares Israel's treatment of Palestinians to Nazi actions during the Holocaust.

In a statement in advance of the event, Hillel President and CEO Wayne L. Firestone said: "Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life Hillel strongly supports Rutgers Hillel's ongoing efforts to pro-actively engage, educate and advocate for Israel while it opposes the strident and reprehensible anti-Israel activities taking place on its campus. The scheduled anti-Israel program that compares Israel to Nazi Germany is repugnant, anti-Semitic and defiles the sacred memory of the millions who perished during the Holocaust. We encourage Rutgers Hillel's courageous and exemplary work to express outrage over this anti-Israel campaign. We welcome the participation of campus and community partners. Hillel expresses gratitude to the local federations that have provided emergency aid to Rutgers and whose ongoing support has helped to make Rutgers Hillel a thriving center of Jewish life."

The event was sponsored by the campus student group BAKA: Students United For Middle Eastern Justice, and organized by three national organizations: the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Americans for Muslims in Palestine and the Middle East Children's Alliance.

The evening turned chaotic when the sponsors insisted on an entrance fee at the door, contrary to advance publicity. Israel supporters refused to pay the admission.

According to JTA, "Never Again for Anyone" is billed as a nationwide tour with at least 14 programs in 11 cities planned through the end of February.

Read more in the Star-Ledger.

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