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Israel on Campus Coalition Relaunches Israel Campus Beat

by Anonymous |Feb 02, 2011|Comments

Israel Campus Beat.

The Israel on Campus Coalition and Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations are proud to announce the unveiling of a new resource for students, professionals and interested members of the pro-Israel campus community with the return of Israel Campus Beat. Previously a weekly email digest of news collected from campus newspapers and outlets around the country, the new Israel Campus Beat website (www.israelcampusbeat.org) features original news articles written by a team of student reporters throughout North America. Updated with new content each day, the site offers an on-the-ground student perspective as well as high-level analysis and trend spotting from guest columnists and other contributors.

Israel Campus Beat advances the ICC's new role in activating pro-Israel networks around the campus community by using original student-written news articles and commentary to better inform the community of students, professionals and other stakeholders who advocate for Israel in the campus arena. The site also hosts an archive of news and resources that allow pro-Israel advocates to stay informed and connected with everything relevant to their needs.

Since its original development in 2003, Israel Campus Beat has been the collaborative product of the Israel on Campus Coalition and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. "We are proud to continue our longstanding partnership with ICC on this project," said Conference of Presidents Deputy Director Carolyn Greene, who chairs the ICB Advisory Board. "The new website provides valuable information to pro-Israel students and helps the entire community understand the unique challenges facing Israel's supporters on campuses across the country."

Steve Kuperberg, Executive Director of the ICC, noted that "ICB is one of the front-line tools that we are excited to offer not just to advocates for Israel on campus, but also to concerned or interested members of the community at large."

"The new ICB provides an opportunity for students to make their voices heard as they tell the story of their own work on behalf of Israel," said ICB Editor-in-Chief Carl Schrag, who was formerly the Editor of The Jerusalem Post. "If you care about Israel on campus, no other news source can compete with the reporting from our team of students."

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