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He's Found a Home at Hillel

by Anonymous |Feb 03, 2011|Comments
Emery Williams.

In the third floor beit midrash at the University of Pennsylvania Hillel, Emery "Eliezer" Williams gazed straight ahead while the students around him bowed over prayerbooks, swaying back and forth to the rhythm of their silent worship.

His stance was not the only thing that set him apart. At 47 years of age, Williams has a distinct seniority in this crowd -- as long as university administrators or clergy aren't around.

Oh, and he's black. And blind....

"I guess the Penn Hillel for me is still very vibrant and very alive," [Williams] said slowly. During services, "it's like a taste of heaven on earth, like I'm standing in a nice big synagogue and there's all this singing. I can picture everybody singing and swaying."

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