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Alternative Break's Role in Social Change

by Anonymous |Feb 04, 2011|Comments

By David Botwick-Ries

As a college student, skirting around the phrase "Social Change" has become outright impossible. Every campus group and organization incorporates "Social Change" into its agenda in one way or another, and community service is now viewed as one of the primary pillars of a well-rounded college education. This shift in consciousness is magnificent, but I fear that we are forgetting some important aspects of the process of bonafide "Social Change." Rather than viewing community service and social justice as an entity outside ourselves, we must consider the cyclical relationship between the service and the servicer, just as the dance and the dancer are intricately connected. So just as the dance itself could not become the ultimate manifestation of the choreographer without the dancer changing themselves, Social Change follows the same model. We must look internally and alter our own conceptions and judgments of the world, as without our personal change, Social Change will remain as a bullet point on a meeting agenda.

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