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Journal of Jewish Communal Service: Hillel: Engaging a New Generation

by Hillel News |Jun 03, 2011|Comments

The winter/spring 2011 edition of The Journal of Jewish Communal Service published an article by Hillel President and CEO Wayne L. Firestone and Assistant Director for Partnership Campuses Rachel L. Gildiner that outlines the theory, development and success of Hillel's peer-engagement methodologies:

"In the last five years, Hillel has implemented a strategic plan that reshaped the organization for the millennial generation, those young people born between 1977 and 1998. The centerpiece of this plan is a new approach to engagement that goes beyond Hillel's previous work in reaching out to uninvolved students. Hillel transitioned from an organization that emphasized affiliation to one that fostered Jewish meaning; from exclusivity in leadership to inclusivity; from an emphasis on breadth of outreach alone to an organization that sought to double the number of involved Jewish students while giving them depth."

(This article is posted with the permission of the Jewish Communal Service Association, publishers of the Journal of Jewish Communal Service. Subscriptions are available at www.jcsana.org)

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