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First Annual 'Hilleluyah' Celebrates Jewish Renewal

by Anonymous |Jun 22, 2011|Comments


Professionals and students from across Israel, and around the world, gathered in Tel Aviv for the first annual "Hilleluyah" to celebrate the work of Hillel Israel, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Hilleluyah honored outgoing Hillel Israel CEO Rabbi Yossie Goldman, who is retiring. In addition, Hillel Israel awards were presented to Hillel Milo for his contributions to the Jewish-Israeli community - most notably for the 1977 establishment of Kolot, a pluralist beit midrash for Jewish studies, and Zehut Le'Chaim, in 2003. The recipient of the student award was Lynne Brill, who was selected for her initiative in developing the "Circle of Giving" project, which combines the study of Jewish sources and community volunteering.

Hillel Israel CEO David Yaari told the newspaper, "We have the opportunity to foster a real Jewish renewal. We can stimulate students and youth to make a real change."

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