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Young Leaders Praise Hillel

by Hillel News |Jul 13, 2011|Comments

Pershing Square Capital Management CEO Bill Ackman, financial analyst Emily Stecher and Park Avenue Synagogue Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove shared how Hillel changed their lives at the 2011 Hillel Renaissance Award Gala honoring Morris W. Offit.

The three young leaders described being uninvolved with the Jewish community before their encounter with Hillel on their respective campuses as well as the lasting effect Hillel continues to make on their lives.

Ackman attended Harvard College and credits Hillel with giving him a Jewish outlet and helping to introduce him to his wife. Cosgrove praises University of Michigan Hillel Executive Director Michael Brooks for reaching out to him when he happened to stop into Hillel on the way to a bar on a Friday night. Stecher says that her participation in the Campus Entrepreneurs Initiative at Northwestern University Hillel gave her the motivation to remain involved with the Jewish community after graduation.

At the event, Hillel President and CEO Wayne L. Firestone noted that, "Tonight, we are celebrating the investment that Hillel supporters made several years ago in Hillel and Jewish students on campus. And we are seeing that the return on that investment is the next generation of Jewish leaders and the new faces of our Jewish future."

In addition to an overview video, videos are available of the complete remarks of Ackman, Cosgrove and Stecher.

Hillel thanks ShalomTV for the video footage.

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