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Student Wishes for a Happy New Year

by Hillel News |Aug 22, 2011|Comments

During a photo shoot at Hillel's Engagement Institute in August, students had pomegranates on their minds -- literally.

Jews enjoy pomegranates during Rosh Hashanah to convey good wishes for a bountiful new year and the desire to perform as many mitzvot, good deeds, as possible in the months to come.

After the cameras were put away, the students shared their hopes and objectives for the coming year.

L'shanah tovah. Happy New Year.

(Photos by Jonathan S. Pollack.)

Arielle Weil.

Arielle Weil
Elon University, '14

I wish for the blessings of friendship and happiness.

I hope to help new students acclimate to their new surroundings at Elon University and let them know that there is a place for Jewish students.

Mark Leybengrub.

Mark Leybengrub
University of Maryland, College Park, '14

In the coming year I wish for the blessing of forethought. I hope that I make the right decision regarding my career path and personal matters.

In the coming year I hope to help friends cherish their Judaism in a way that they may connect with.

Francine Guttman.

Francine Guttman
University of Delaware, '12

In the coming year I wish for the blessing of courage to stand up for myself and what I believe in, happiness and health.

Josh Yudkin.

Josh Yudkin
Washington University in St. Louis, '12

I wish for health and the ability to give my all.

I hope to help future leaders realize their potential and dreams.

Ilana Ben-Ezra

Ilana Ben-Ezra
SUNY Binghamton, '15

In the coming year I wish for the blessings of success and wisdom in dealing with whatever G-d deals me, whether personal or academic challenges.

I want to promote Israel on campus as both a homeland for the Jewish people and as a country with the right to exist and defend herself.

The New Year is about more than renewing than last year's failed resolutions. It's about looking into ourselves and being proud of our accomplishments in the previous year and using that pride to accomplish even more in the upcoming year. Let's find that pride

Emily Cable

Emily Cable
Elon University, '13

I wish for the blessing of contentment. I hope to be satisfied and thankful for what I have been given and in turn wanting no more or less than what I am lucky enough to have.

I hope to impact new students enough for them to truly see Hillel as their home and family on campus, as I do.

Jillian Lansey.

Jillian Lansey
University of Maryland,
College Park, '14

In the coming year I wish for the blessing of accomplishment. I have a lot on my plate for this upcoming year and I hope that I can meet it with confidence and success.

I hope to offer opportunities to students throughout the University of Maryland to help them have new experiences and learn more about themselves.

Relax and enjoy this year, you deserve it! Make this the best one yet.

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