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Media Taglit, a special birthright experience for media students, journalists and bloggers

by Olga Mazalova |Mar 01, 2012|Comments

Hillels of Russia and Ukraine worked with Taglit Birthright Israel to create a unique experience for Jewish students and young adults in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Kiev. In addition to being Jewish all students had something else in common - a shared passion for journalism. In early February, 30 students from Russia and Ukraine joined their Israeli peers on a 10 day trip that included not only the visits to Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Safed and Massada but also visits to Israeli radio and TV stations and meetings with prominent Israeli journalists and writers. "Providing such a targeted trip, we believe, will help foster a stronger bond between the participants and develop a more sustainable network when they come home." - says Sasha Shlimak of Hillel Russia.

Trip participants shared their experiences with the world from the wi-fi equipped bus in real time through their blogs and social networks so that their friends and readers could follow their adventures. "I'm traveling across Israel together with 40 colleagues. The program is just packed with all the interesting sights and meetings. We managed to visit 3 different places in Israel in just one day! I'm so grateful that Hillel has given us an opportunity to feel the spirit of Israel" wrote Tatyana Kukleva, a young journalist from Moscow in her blog. After the trip young professionals will participate in Post-Taglit activities that will include seminars led by professionals in journalism, Jewish tradition and history. 

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