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Meet Me in St. Louis

by Marisa Briefman |Jul 31, 2012|Comments
Hillel Institute is just around the corner! In just one week, I, along with Hillel professionals and students from across the country, will be enjoying ourselves in St. Louis while networking with others in our cohorts. As one of the undergraduate Conference Coordinator Interns this summer at the Schusterman International Center, I could not be more excited to arrive in St. Louis and start Hillel Institute!

There are many things to look forward to and picking just one would be very difficult. Even though I am a student, I hope to sit in on professional development sessions in order to see how leaders in our Jewish Community are engaging students and facilitating programs at their local Hillels. As a college senior hoping to become a Young Jewish Professional at the end of the academic year, this experience will be extremely beneficial to me. In addition, once the Engagement Institute (the Student Experience at Hillel Institute to prepare Student Leaders and Interns for the upcoming year), begins, I look forward to learning how to engage students in Jewish life on campus. This will help me be successful in my Student Board Position at Indiana University in the fall.

Professionals and students will not just be working but will also be enjoying St. Louis, especially when we all go to the City Museum, which the SIC staff has described as a big playground. I am really looking forward to experiencing it, and I hope everyone attending Hillel Institute is excited as well!

While I know information will be sent out prior to Hillel Institute about things to remember and bring, here is something else for attendees to keep in mind. Whether a professional or a student, you will be networking at this conference. Because of this, it will be beneficial to get the contact information of your cohorts from similar schools and regions. While being "old school" and writing this information down is a sure way to keep the info, I will suggest a new approach. Since many people now have nifty Smart Phones, why not put it to good use and download the "Bump" app? It is a quick and easy way to exchange contact information with anyone at the conference. And who knows? Maybe it will be so easy and effective that you will want to use it after the conference as well.

Looking forward to seeing you in St. Louis!

Marisa Briefman is a rising senior at Indiana University in Bloomington. She is currently a Conference Coordinator Intern with Hillel at the Schusterman International Center in Washington, DC.

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