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A Note from Hillel's Esther Abramowitz, Director of Student Life in Israel

by Esther Abramowitz |Nov 15, 2012|Comments

Hi from Jerusalem. I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are.

We are all glued to the phones, internet, radio, and other sources of information about a huge part of our family that is literally sitting under fire in the south. I just walked in from our little women's celebration in the office for Rosh Hodesh. It was very emotional for me to say brachot of peace and health and joy for the coming month. As I write this, there is a "Tzeva Adom" (The call/siren indicating rockets falling) in Beer Sheva and other smaller cities and towns in the area. They are asking that people follow the instructions that they have been given depending on where they live. Galgalatz (radio station) keeps on interrupting songs to announce different places where there is a Tzeva Adom.

With that in my heart, I love the month of Kislev. I always think that this month is filled with wonder, light, miracles, hope and dreaming. Chanukah comes at the end of the month of Kislev. (It is actually the only holiday that spans two months- Kislev and Tevet.) Noah saw the first rainbow after the flood at the beginning of this month. Most of the Torah portions that mention dreams are read on Shabbatot during the month of Kislev. We hope and pray for lots & lots of rain here in Israel during Kislev. Thousands of Jewish students arrive here in Kislev which is nothing short of miraculous and a source of much personal joy for me.

I have learned that that the root of the word Kislev can refer to trust, security and hope. Very apt for these days. It also may come from "ksil" which is Orion, a constellation that shines bright especially in this month. It makes me think about dreams and stars and light and the juxtaposition with trust and a semblance of safety, both internal and external. And about celebration. Praying for safety and comfort for all those in southern Israel today and for our soldiers. Stay safe. And come up to Jerusalem for Shabbat. I have an extra bedroom.

Wishing you a month filled with safety, quiet, light, yummy (oily) food, family, friends, health and tons of laughter.

Love, Esther

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