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We Stand with Boston

by Schusterman International Center |Apr 19, 2013|Comments

As we enter Shabbat this week, our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with Boston, and with all of our colleagues, students, families and friends there.

During this week’s Vigil for the Boston Marathon at Brown University, Brown RISD Hillel’s Rabbi Mordechai Rackover shared this poignant sentiment.

“The hardest thing about being the survivor of terror or near-misses, and I’m speaking from my own unfortunate experience, is reclaiming sound. The boom of a truck going over a speed bump is never the same again. The sound of your phone ringing. The moment when you hear the news until the moment when your phone rings and you know everyone is checked in and is safe is a really long and hard silence. Terror is thrust upon its victims, as is the ensuing horror and grieving that often brings communities together. The challenge now is to overcome that and reclaim the sense of community as based on positive choices, rather than collective endurance and mourning.”

If you’re looking for how you can help, we recommend this list from our friends at Repair the World. May the people of Boston stay strong and safe.

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