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Gathering in the Midwest with Hillel

My Jewish Journey is heading towards Hillel Institute.
by Noam Soker |Jul 16, 2013|Comments

Noam Soker.As July 29 and Hillel Institute get closer, the excitement within me and the Schusterman International Center grows! The SIC is wonderful, warm, welcoming work environment that values each person who walks in the door. It is very evident that everyone truly cares about the people around them and is passionate to make Hillel the best it can be. The most prominent example of this I have experienced was our all staff meeting that the interns were invited and encouraged to participate in.

The Hillel Institute Conference Coordinating Intern team has been hard at work to plan Hillel Institute 2013 and make it the best Institute it can be. As an intern, I have been energetically working on creating this marvelous annual gathering of Hillel professionals and students. One of the projects I have been working on is the networking programs. Together, we created engaging and creative new programs to introduce and explain networking to the students and professionals. Hillel places a great deal of importance on student leaders because they recognize the power of peers and the organic connections students make with other students. I have enjoyed creating programs that equip student leaders with the tools they need to enhance their natural talent of connecting with other students.

I am elated at the idea of this terrific community coming together to learn and grow. As a Hillel student leader with networking on my mind, I am looking forward to meeting so many new faces from so many new places, fostering new relationships, and expanding my Jewish network. Through swapping stories and learning about different Hillels around the country, the variety of students will provide an opportunity to learn innovative and creative approaches to similar situations, like new Shabbat programming. The best way to learn is through experience. Having the opportunity to meet and discuss our experiences will be immensely beneficial for growing as a student leader and person.

Each campus has amazing staff members that make each Hillel run. I am excited to learn about and appreciate the people who are fundamental to the foundation of this organization. Being part of the experience will also open doors of opportunity for me to grow professionally. The connections I eagerly anticipate making will expand my network, creating space for professional opportunities when I graduate from the University of North Carolina this spring.

My Jewish Journey is heading towards Institute.

I cannot wait to see our paths cross in St. Louis!

Noam Soker is currently a Conference Coordinator Intern with Hillel at the Schusterman International Center in Washington, DC. She is a rising senior at the University of North Carolina and serves as co-President of UNC Hillel.

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